We understand the level of pain sudden toothache can cause, or the inconvenience of damaged dental braces, crowns, dentures. Not the time to be asked to make an appointment.

At our Affordable Urgent Dental practice, we set aside blocks of appointments to be used for urgent dentistry, although not by an emergency dentist. Specialists covering a range of needs are available, as they should be.

Attending an emergency appointment, to be told you need to come back to see someone else, is not a solution. Better to choose a practice with skills such as orthodontics, implantology and restorative dentistry in house.

In a number of cases, we can help before you attend. Advising on actions to take, or avoid, how you might preserve damaged teeth, or appliances.

As soon as you do attend, one of our dentists will carry out a full examination to establish the most effective treatment. The objective is to treat you there and then, deal with pain where needed and look to the future, not just a quick fix.

If antibiotics are needed, such as for an abscess, this will be taken care of. If a different specialist is required, rarely a problem. At Affordable Urgent Dental all are involved in emergency dentistry, bringing a range of skills to your urgent needs.
Arranging Emergency Dental Treatment

If you are in need of urgent dental treatment, we doubt you will want to read much more. Your need is to be treated immediately and effectively.