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A dental emergency can occur at any time. At Star Dental Manchester, we are ready to help heal your dental emergency and provide pain relief at all times.

Our experienced team of Emergency Dentist in Manchester is here to provide you with dental emergency services today.


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Emergency Dentist in Manchester NH


Recommendations until you get to Star Dental Manchester:

Oil of cloves, which contains eugenol, is commonly used to treat toothaches. A drop of oil of cloves can be applied with a cotton swab to relieve pain from dental caries. After wisdom tooth extraction, a condition known as dry socket can develop when nerve endings are exposed to air. A piece of sterile gauze or cotton soaked in oil of cloves may be placed in the socket after careful cleaning with saline to achieve pain relief.

Analgesics such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen are recommended. Ibuprofen has the additional benefit of being anti-inflammatory. Ice and/or heat are also frequently recommended. Be seen today! At our emergency dentist service center you won't have to wait.